The 7 Stages of Burnout

Burnout doesn’t just happen to us. It builds gradually – we ignore the early signs, keep pushing through until our body and mind can’t handle it anymore.

Burnout is the consequence of continued exposure to stress which result in physical and mental exhaustion.

Now, stress isn’t always bad for us. We need some stress and good stress (or eustress) helps us achieve amazing things. We all have different stress capacities, hence why some people may flourish and some languish when exposed to the same situations, but issues generally arise when we don’t have the strategies to manage our stress.

Burnout builds in stages and it’s important we don’t ignore those early signs and prioritise self-care, self-compassion and self-kindness at every opportunity.

The Seven Stages of Burnout:

🔥 Stage 1

Insecurity leading to a strong desire to prove yourself and work harder to achieve this.

🔥 Stage 2

Working harder, not smarter, meaning you neglect your own needs.

🔥 Stage 3

You don’t take accountability, therefore blaming others for situations and you deny problems that arise due to stress.

🔥 Stage 4

Your focus shifts, you work more and withdraw from family, friends and social life.

🔥 Stage 5

Your personality and behavior changes meaning you don’t feel like yourself which affects relationships with the self and others.

🔥 Stage 6

You feel numb and alone which can lead to using unhelpful coping strategies, depression or anxiety.

🔥 Stage 7

You have no capacity left and are emotionally and physically exhausted, meaning full burnout

Have you ever felt burntout? I’d love to hear your story.

Much love
Tabby xx

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