There’s no shame in crying…

I’m not scared to share I’ve had a good cry today. Not because I’m overly sad, or overwhelmed or because something bad happened. I just needed that release and when I sat down for an online group chat I could just feel the emotions needed releasing.

It’s actually been an amazing week with so much to be grateful for and a week when I’ve cleared out some things I needed to let go of both personally and professionally to make way for some awesome things.

But sometimes emotions weight heavy and that release is necessary so I let the tears gently roll for an hour, without feeling fear or shame.

But still, in 2022 too many people are scared to cry, scared to feel and scared to sit in the discomfort of emotions. So here’s some truth about crying and why it’s absolutely OK to do any time.

Crying activates the parasympathetic nervous system.

Crying comforts us and Oxytocin is released. Oxytocin is the ‘cuddle’ or ‘love’ hormone.

This is why we all feel so good after a big cry. It brings a sense of calm, stress release and self love with it.

Crying is our body’s way of balancing our nervous system, releasing what the mind and body can’t cope with and cleansing us.

So why is it we’re conditioned to tell people ‘don’t cry’ when we see them crying.

It’s as if our discomfort is more important than their reality. We say it to kids and adults alike as we often struggle to give emotions the space they need.

We need to feel OK about crying because it serves a purpose – a positive purpose – we have to feel comfortable with it whether it’s oursleves or others crying.

Crying helps increase our emotional fitness and it’s a gift to give others the space to feel safe to cry.

So, next time you to someone in your company cries, try these responses:

  1. Breathe. Focus on the breathe and stay in the moment.
  2. Ask what the person (or yourself needs) – is that space, to talk, silence or a hug? Maybe they just need someone to be there.
  3. If you are close with the person and safe to do so offer physical touch – it is a human healing tool.
  4. Be open: be aware to your own feelings and be ok with feeling uncomfortable.

Much love, Tabby xxx

image by @doodledwellness on Instagram

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