The fear of FEAR!

FEAR can be crippling. It can stop us achieving our full potential, it can stop us still in our tracks. FEAR has the ability to determine whether we fail or succeed. It holds the keys to our destiny and seems to control us in a way that is unbeatable.

But is FEAR actually real, or just a belief in our own minds?

Does being afraid of something make it unachievable or impossible? Whilst it may seem like it does, the answer is actually no. FEAR is a mindset. Our minds are powerful things and if we let them, they will run our lives. But, if we take control, rationalise thoughts and take back the power, we in fact are in charge of our own minds, not our minds in charge of us. (Read ‘The Chimp Paradox’ by Steve Peters for context).

I have moments of FEAR…. the initial reaction to a problem, bad feedback, or bad news. It’s that heart in the mouth moment, when the world goes slow and you feel utter panic. But I have learned to act and not react. Problems are fixable, bad feedback is a lesson to develop and bad news is a test of how you respond to things.

I like the acronym “FEAR: False evidence appearing real.” The key is to transform FEAR into action. To believe that, to borrow a phrase, “Everything you want is on other side of FEAR.”

You have to choices to believe in the meaning of FEAR:

1.         FEAR: Face everything and rise; or

2.         FEAR: Forget everything and run

What’s it to be?

Much Love, Tabby x

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