The Perform Strategy


The Perform Strategy has been designed by performance coach Tabby Kerwin to build emotional fitness and support wellbeing and mental health whilst helping you to perform in every aspect of your life. This Blog is where Tabby shares all manner of notes, articles and information from her notebook about wellbeing, mental health and positive psychology.

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Wearing a Mask

Wearing a mask become the new normal for us over the last few years, but when we refer to wearing a mask, we’re not always referring to the physical mask worn as a protection from Potential physical illness, but the metaphorical mask worn when someone is experiencing emotional distress.

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Building Focus

Focus… What is it? Something that is easy to do? Something that just happens? Something that we can lose as easily as we can gain? We are often told to focus more on things but it’s not as easy as just focussing on that one thing when we have so much going on in our…

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Emotional Fitness

There is no doubting that people have become more aware of mental health over the past few years and whilst raising awareness will always be necessary, lifesaving and hugely important, we also need to start taking action to protect our mental health and implementing preventative measures. Performance Coach and positive psychologist Tabby Kerwin looks at…

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About Me

Hi, I’m Tabby!

Writer, performance coach, positive psychologist, business owner, musician, traveller, mum, widow, foodie, cat lover, passionate, empath and lover of all things Italy.

My passion is to support people through hope, kindness and practical skills to manage life and work and to perform. We all have to perform every day in one way or another and for that we need The Three Ps: Possibility, Productivity & Performance and I’m here to share information to help and support.

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